Is Cosmetic Surgery a Sin?

 by Chuck Snyder
 co-chaplain for the Seattle Mariners


Dear Chuck,
Iím a guy and my best friend is about to have breast enhancement surgery. She claims that she does not intend to entice men through this. She is actually very modest. She also says she does not feel confident with her size now, which by the way is just fine. Her heart seems pure and she has thought this out for a long time.  Is breast enhancement surgery a sin?

Chuck's Response
Thanks for the note about your friend who wants breast enhancement surgery. I donít think God would call this sin, but she obviously is getting her self-esteem by her cup size rather than her relationship with Jesus Christ.

This is a risky business health wise, but all you can do is give her your opinion and help her pick up the pieces if something bad happens. It is not a sin, itís comparable to getting your teeth straightened or a hair transplant.

If she is a love interest of yours, however, find someone else because this is a symptom of insecurity you surely donít want to live with the rest of your life. Thanks for your concern for her. Let me know if you want to talk further.

Chuck Snyder



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Updated 05/24/2005