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Chuck Snyder

Chuck Snyder, co-author of Incompatibility, Still Grounds for a Great Marriage, answers your questions about relationships and practical Christian living!

Chuck Snyder has been a businessman, author, speaker, bible study teacher, counselor and co-chaplain for the Seattle Mariners. He and his wife, Barb, also taught the Seahawk Couple's Bible Studies.

In addition to the experiences listed in his bio, Chuck says his "claim to fame" is getting old and making a bunch of mistakes… but learning many of life's lessons from them. Chuck finds the answers to life's tribulations by reading a 2000 year old Book called the Bible and he's been excited to pass along what he is learning. 

The archived Q & A list contains a good cross-section of reader's concerns.  I hope you will find these excerpts helpful in your search for answers. 

"Ask Chuck" questions are no longer being answered.

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My wife's is taking an anti-
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