Incompatibility: Still Grounds
for a Great Marriage

by Chuck & Barb Snyder

Multnomah Press

Chuck and Barb, describing themselves as the world's most opposite couple, explain how they have survived almost 50 years of marriage - and enjoyed the journey!

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Ever feel like the only thing you have in common with your spouse is the day you were married?  Take heart!  Chuck and Barb Snyder--the World's Most Opposite Couple--will show you how the little things that bug you about your partner (okay, they're big things) can be the very backbone of your marriage.  

This book will help you see your differences as keys to a lasting, fulfilling relationship.  Discover God's distinct designs for men and women.  Find out that opposites really can survive marriage without killing each other--even if one does put the toilet paper on wrong!



Updated 03/13/2014