Men: Some Assembly Required
by Chuck Snyder

Multnomah Press

An instructional manual for women telling how men are designed.

It's not as if you need to be told that men and women are different.  But understanding how and why they're unique can make all the difference in your marriage.  


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In Men: Some Assembly Required,  Chuck Snyder takes you on a hilarious, helpful journey into the inner workings of a man's mind.  You'll discover the reasons behind some of a man's more perplexing behaviors, including:  

-Why he leaves his clothes on the floor
-Why he can't pick a channel and stay on it
-Why he won't stop and ask for directions
-Why he doesn't put the toilet seat down 

If you've ever been puzzled, perplexed, or put off by the peculiarities of men, help has arrived!  Through the pages of this essential manual for women, you'll find out what God was thinking when He created men.  You'll come to understand your man, and you'll giggle and chuckle all along the way.

Updated 03/13/2014