The Way to a Woman's Heart
by Chuck Snyder

Multnomah Press

An instructional manual for men telling how women are designed.

Ever wish you had a global positioning system on the switchback journey from wedding to wedded bliss?  Do you sometimes wonder where your wife's heart and happiness are located--- and despair of finding your way to them in this lifetime?


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In The Way to a Woman's Heart, veteran relationship "coach," grandfather, and husband of almost 50 years, Chuck Snyder speaks directly to men on the subject... with road map enclosed.  Despite innate differences between women and men and the challenge this creates, men can do themselves a favor by "surveying the territory before they travel," Chuck says.

As you look at the big picture - God's plan for marriage - you'll see how to avoid pitfalls and traverse rough patches with ease.  Stuck at a boring rest stop?  Fending off falling rocks or proceeding at your own risk?  This book can put you on cruise control toward your wife's heart and mutual happiness on life's great partnership adventure.

Updated 03/13/2014